Full Steam ahead!

2024 once again will be an exciting and demanding year for our Water as Leverage programme. We can count on the energy of Meike van Ginneken, the new Water Envoy, who introduces herself in this newsletter. An important milestone event will be the World Water Forum in Bali from 18-25 May. Our WaL community is growing. We celebrate our new partnerships with the cities of Prayagraj, India, and Nakuru, Kenya. Nakuru is the first city in Kenya and in Africa to be part of WaL. Another important new partner is UN-Habitat, and we also welcome a new WaL team member in The Hague, Monica Velasco. Read her introduction in this newsletter.

Last year I often had the feeling that we were on board a fast train that was going faster and faster. Now, looking back, I realise that this train was actually a ‘diesel train’ that accelerated very slowly. Since the UN Water conference in which Minister Harbers of Infrastructure and Water Management shared his ambition to upscale WaL, our train has sped up and grown steadily. We are now going full steam ahead.

This new phase of the WaL programme calls for the WaL branding to be updated. The new format of this newsletter offers a sneak preview.

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